Embracing the double cleanse

It’s a simple concept, but double cleansing has come into its own in the past year, alongside trends such as using a sheet mask on a plane (I do love Chrissy Teigen for this).

Basically, it involves adding an extra step to the cleanse stage of your skincare routine in the evenings (when you’ve had a day of pollution, stress, carbs – you know the days…). You start out with an oil or balm based cleanser to disturb any dirt, makeup etc on your face, and then go in with a gel or water-based cleanser.

The idea is that doing this allows the second cleanser to really get into your pores, and leave everything super-squeaky clean. And I’m giving it a go✨

Now I’ve had some really bad experiences with balm cleansers. We’re talking serious breakouts followed by serious breakdowns. And very quickly, I give up hope. But let’s leave that at the door for this one, because actually, I figure adding the water/gel stage will help balance things out.

My balm of choice was No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm, which I bought from Boots for £9.50 (It was actually in a 3 for 2 on expert skincare deal – so it cost me absolutely nothing). On first impressions, it’s a very different texture to any balm I’ve used in the past, it feels more like a thick moisturising cream, whereas others have been slightly tacky and greasier, a bit like hair putty.

You apply this one to dry skin, massaging all over your face in circular motions before removing gently with a damp cloth.

And after this stage, I think I’m hooked.

My skin feels soft, fresh and springy, with no dreaded oily layer sitting on top whatsoever, which has really been a problem before. On with the next stage…

This was a lot easier to choose, as I already use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar three-step system as part of my daily skincare routine (you can get this from Boots for just over £30 – definitely recommend as an easy base skin regime if you’re prone to evil breakouts and oily skin). So for my gel cleanse stage, I went with my usual Purifying Foaming Gel (get a big squirty 400ml bottle for £15 at Boots).

This one, you apply to wet skin, and it lathers up gently while you massage all over your face. It’s a really light cleanser with ultra-fine bubble but works really deeply into the skin (particularly after having balmed up in stage one).

I absolutely love this cleanser. It’s my all-time favourite and giving it a try for the first time just after Christmas was the best skin decision I’ve made so far, like ever. It cleans my skin so well, without stripping or tightening it like some gels or micellar waters can. Honestly, give it a go.

I’m now about a month into double cleansing nightly, and so far, I really do believe the hype. I’m using less toner (which can only be a good thing for my crazy skin) and waking up the next morning, I feel like my face has had the chance to replenish and balance itself, rather than being dried out or oily.

I’ll be sharing my full daily skincare routine soon, but let me hear your thoughts.


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