My obsession with KARL LAGERFELD

By day, I’m in marketing, working for a designer retail outlet on the South Coast of the UK (plus freelance clients when I can). It’s introduced me to some pretty insane brands over the past year and a half, but a girl can’t help having her favourites…

Here’s an introduction to the top of my list, KARL LAGERFELD.

As a designer, Karl Lagerfeld is best known for his association with ultra lux brands, Chanel and Fendi, both of which he currently stands as head creative director for. But what about the eponymous KARL brand?


Far away from the super-rich heights of the designer giants he works with, Lagerfeld’s own brand is a reflection of his personal style and likeness throughout. It’s not uncommon to find cartoonesque images of his famous profile (often joined by his cat, Choupette), across entire collections. It really is all about the fashion guru himself…

KARL LAGERFELD continues to be popular throughout many European countries, including a number of collaborations with high street brands, such as Vans & H&M. Here in the UK however, it’s much less well known. And this brand really deserves some love.


It’s definitely a “look”, but the consistent delivery is what does it for me. I don’t like too much quirk in my outfits. I’m very into monochrome, greys and general darkness. But I do love a statement…just one item or accessory, set against a paired back outfit, is exactly how I like to wear my style.

And for that, KARL comes through. (I REALLY WANT THIS ONE)


This brand is playful and sophisticated at the same time, mixing glitter and motifs with sharp edges and classic silhouettes. It’s also a lot more realistic in terms of price tag than Karl’s other designer projects with price points from around £60-£800 for ready to wear.

Oh, and the man is also the absolute king of sass…check out some of his ‘Karlisms‘.


Take a look at more from the WORLD OF KARL and tell me all about your brand crushes. And if you live on the South Coast, why not visit the KARL outlet store?


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