Maya Beach Club, Ibiza

Whoever came up with the concept of the beach club, in its numerous different forms, is nothing short of a genius.

The beauty of these kinds of places is that no matter what type of holiday, event or group you find yourself in, there’s a version for everyone – particularly on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Maya Beach Club | Flying Into Ibiza

If you’re in the mood for a champagne shower and are into swimwear that mostly involves string, then you’ll probably enjoy the likes of Nikki and Ocean Beach. If you’re after great food & great cocktails tucked away in a laidback spot with light house playing throughout the day, then head over to Experimental Beach.

But if you want to take in a truly exceptional beach club experience, then Maya Beach is most definitely my recommendation…

I came across Maya whilst researching potential spots for my birthday. I took a look at their website, dropped an enquiry through online, and within the hour one of the team had come back to me. I like that – it makes me feel special.

We booked out one of their clifftop Prive areas for the next day, which costs nothing to hire but includes a minimum spend of 450 EUR, giving us the perfect excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of food (including paella and a whole damn lobster for lunch).

So we arrived the next morning in high spirits at the level of service we’d experienced so far, and it only got better from there. Isabella greeted us and we were invited to have a drink in the bar area looking out over Cala Vadella beach while they made final preparations to the space we’d hired.

We then headed up the stairs to the Prive terrace, a beautiful private area made up of lovely white furniture, including a king size Balinese style bed with a retractable remote controlled canopy. It was really quite stunning.

Maya Beach Club | Balinese Bed

The area could have easily fit 10 or more people and created a much more upbeat party atmosphere (particularly with the magnums of wine & champagne available from the menu). But our aim for the day was to simply to eat, drink, relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Maya Beach Club | Bed & Chairs

The food throughout the day was truly amazing, starting with a late breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, chicken & onions on the same plate, moving onto the seafood and rice feast I mentioned earlier for lunch and ending with an incredible fresh sushi platter in the late evening.


Underpinning all of this was what seemed like a few gallons of wine, (a magnum of rose disappears surprisingly quickly if you’re in the mood) several mojitos and a traditional birthday shot of tequila. Not to mention the world class service that our host Esayas and the rest of the team at Maya gave us.

Our entire day was perfect, and through all of our gluttony, we only managed to spend 2.50 EUR more than the minimum charge, so the value for money was really clear.

The real beauty of Maya, however, is how universal it is. Down in the beach club itself, there was such a broad mix of people, both local and tourists in groups, families and couples of all different ages. And everyone was having such a lovely time, right into the late hours when the live music began in the bar.

Maya Beach Club | Restaurant

If you’re visiting Ibiza before the season ends, this hidden gem is worth a visit, even for just a few hours. You can find more details on Maya Beach and all of the services they have to offer over on their website.



My new favourite bath

I was beyond excited to find Rituals in the Champs-Élysées branch of Sephora last weekend. And damn was I right to be…

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet with two of the Rituals team and find out more about the brand and their ‘slow down’ mantra. I can really get on board with the idea of getting more mindful about your day and taking more time with your every day, creating these little ‘rituals’ of your own.

I was pretty much immediately drawn to the ‘Ritual of Hammam’ collection, mainly for the intense scent of that ginger & eucalyptus salt scrub (it’s unreal). So, I bagged myself this little taster set with travel sizes of three of their bestsellers and took my happy little tush back to the UK (we need to start an online movement to get Sephora back here, I can’t cope)

Fast forward a few days and I’m back at home, aching like a bitch and ready to make my ultimate bath…we’re talking candles, spa music, cucumber slice-shaped eye masks (thanks Primark), the absolute works. But the products themselves are what I’m here for…

Yes, shower gel, but one squirt of this while the water is running, and it moonlights as the perfect bath soak. It’s really strong with eucalyptus, which is usually quite overpowering, but the warmth from the rosemary makes it just feel incredibly comforting. This scent is definitely a happy place for me now.

I live for a good body scrub. And this, is a good body scrub. In place of rosemary, eucalyptus is paired with ginger, which is a body care favourite of mine. This makes the whole thing zingy, refreshing, and just pleasing in every imaginable sense. My whole self loves this fiercely, my only sadness was wishing I’d bought the full-sized pot…

Not a criticism, but I expected this to be thicker and richer. Watch you actually get is a perfectly balanced fragrance and a texture that glides into your skin like actual pearls. It’s not a butter, it’s a true cream, and it absorbs in seconds. And for the scent, we’re back with the soothing eucalyptus and rosemary combo, which is the perfect end note to the whole experience.

This is officially my new favourite bathing routine. It’s one of those end of a long week moments that you can really look forward to and spend your days dreaming about. Teaming all of this up with my Santorini candle from Glasshouse Fragrances (which I have spent my weekends raiding TKMaxx for) and it really is the stuff dreams are made of – I can’t recommend this collection enough and I’ll definitely be trying more.